Sunday, February 28, 2010

Abstract Art at ASK March 6 - 27 2010

I am excited to be participating in the upcoming ASK members show that will be focusing on Abstract Art. Abstraction and non-objective painting have been ideas (or processes) I have struggled with ever since I first picked up a brush.
The piece for John Ashbery is in response to the poet's poem Blue Sonata. I still remember reading the poem for the first time on a summer day in Woodstock with my daughter. We were looking for poems to study together, and I was grabbed by the line "we live in the sigh of our present". It made me think of Kandinsky's ideas on the spiritual in Art and the writings of Meyer Schapiro on Mondrian. The poem made me wonder if abstraction is capable of existing outside the present, or for that matter , can abstraction exist outside its making? Either way, abstraction cannot exist in some other place, or as I have written before (not) in some other place.

The piece Glide was painted before Ashbery. Glide was painted in response to Dave Hickey's Flatland as I tried to work away from the composition I had settled on while working through the Irish Airman Series. Hickey's text and A Theory of /Cloud/ by Hubert Damisch both encouraged me to challenge an idea of space in my work- an exploration that is exaggerated in a work like Ashbery.

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